Toddler Day Care Program - 18 Months to 3 Years old

Toddler Room

We provide a relaxed and loving atmosphere for our toddlers. Our consistent daily routine will help these young children become familiar with their surroundings. Our day consists of group time when we have a story and calendar time, and discuss many other topics. Your toddler’s day is filled with many different activities to promote growth with their large and fine motor skills. There are opportunities for your child to learn to count,identify colors, identify shapes, work with puzzles, play with blocks, string beads, play with play dough, paint and color. We have time for music, finger plays, dancing, flannel board stories, and other games. We have a time to stretch our muscles either inside or outside with large motor activities. Naps are also, part of the toddler’s day.

When signs of toilet learning are shown, we will provide patient guidance using appropriately sized facilities to help establish proper toileting habits.