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Class Sizes:

  • Infants – 6wks. to 18 months

  • Toddlers – 18 months to 36 months

  • Preschool – 3 to 5 years old

  • School age – 5 to 12 years old

Child Medical Statement For Child Care

Child Enrollment and Health Information for Child Care Centers and Type A Homes


The transition to day care is a critical time in a child’s development. On one level, the transition from home to daycare is simply a change in physical location however, this transition is often much more complicated than simply changing building or settings.

Early Signs of Successful Transitions to School

How will you know if the process developed in your program or school has been successful in helping children, parents, educators, and communities? According to Ramey & Ramey, 1994, some early signs are;

  • Children will like school and look forward to going to school
  • Children will show steady growth in academic skills

Parents will become actively involved in their children’s education at home, in school, and in the community. Classroom environments will promote positive feelings for both teachers and children. Teachers, staff members, and families will value each other. Schools and programs will celebrate cultural diversity in their communities. Developmentally appropriate practices will be visible within the classroom. The community will show consistent investment in the education of children and will strive to increase available learning opportunities.

First day of school:

On your child’s first day here at Smarty Pants Learning Centers INC. we require that the parent or guardian stay here with the child in their classroom. You are required to stay with your class for at least 2 hours. The hours should be scheduled and be between the times of 8am – 12pm. During this time your child will meet his/her teacher and class mates, eat breakfast and or lunch plus participate in classroom activities. Children will be given age appropriate activities to take home.

Second day of school:

On your child’s second day here at Smarty Pants Learning Center Inc., we would like your child to experience his/her classroom by themselves. Two hours of classroom time with the teacher and friends is what we would like if you think your child is ready. We have a lobby where parents and families can wait while their child is in the classroom. In the event you do not believe your child is ready to stay by themselves you can stay with your child for the two hours. Your transition will then become four days instead of three. The teacher will encourage families to complete work at home.

Third day of school:

Today is the big day! Your child will be on his/her own. Please have many conversations with your child about them being here at school by themselves. You can read story books to them about children going to school or fins a short video about children going to school. Preparing them will help ease the transition.

On your child’s third day of school your child is welcome to stay a half day. Drop off is between 8:00am-8:30am. Pick up is between 11:30am-12pm depending on your child’s age. During this time your child will experience breakfast in the class, morning circle time, free play, structured learning, and lunch. In some cases your child will be able to nap for a short time.

After you child is officially enrolled he/she will have the opportunity to visit other classrooms in their age group. You child will most likely visit other classrooms with his/her teacher for short periods of time. Visits may include story time, free play or and activities. When you child is ready to move to the next class, they will be able visit for short periods time every day for 3 weeks. During the first week of your child’s transition your child will visit in the morning. They will eat breakfast with the group and will return to class for nap. During the second week your child will visit with the class after nap. They will enjoy a snack with the class and remain their until they picked up to go home. During the third and final week of transition, your child will nap and wake up with his/her new class. They will eat a snack their and will remain their intil they are picked up.

When your child is exiting the center we would like to know no less than two weeks in advance. During this time we will let all the center staff know that your child is exiting. During this time your child’s class will prepare letters or keepsakes for your child. All your child’s belongings will be sent home and any assessments will be completed during this time. We will also, conduct a parent teacher interview so that you may be able to ask any questions that you’d like. Blank sheets of paper and crayons will be given to families so, children can have them at home. This paper work will be asked to be returned to the child’s teacher so it can be displayed in class.